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Dr. Alex is proud to have the support of parents, teachers, and community leaders throughout Claremont.

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“Alex has impressed me by his commitment to helping ALL of the students in our district, providing them with needed knowledge and skills, whether college bound or planning to join the labor force after high school.”

- Teddie Warner

Education advocate and volunteer Founding Board Member of CEF and CLASP

Campaign Committee
  • Honorary Co-Chairs: Marla Abrolat, MD and Teddie Warner

  • Co-Chairs: Nicole Ouellette and Laura Roach

  • Treasurer: Linda Saeta

  • Assistant Treasurer: Leslie Negritto

  • Campaign Committee: Katie Distelrath, Catherine D'Emilio, Frank D'Emilio, Isabel Ebiner, Krista Carson Elhai, Katie Hickerson, Sabrina Ho, Ray Lantz, Sue Neely, Lissa Petersen, Jordan Raphael, Natalie Sieg, Levi Sieg, Heather Stradley, Ray Stradley, Stephani Sutherland, Phalana Tiller, Maria Tucker,  Amy Weiler, Amanda Wirtz


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